GW2 is a wonderful example. I love GW2 gameplay

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I get your point view. It has been a little slightly crazy to aion classic kinah play against purples when I'm in my mid-30s , just two weeks away from the game's release. I mean... Yeah, go outside and touch some grass, my guy go outside, soak up some sun and stop spending your time trying to ruin the lives of other players, in game, hell.

But, I don't intend to see this change. This is why the atmosphere that I was in has made me fall in love with Aion so much and that's why I came back.

GW2 is a wonderful example. I love GW2 gameplay, regardless of what other players think. After a while, I realized that my progress is irrelevant because everything is scaled to a certain degree, and the difficulty never becomes more difficult or easier, and players are all exactly the same as me. It's not working for me.

It's a great feeling having the opportunity to put into practice the skills you've worked so long and hard to earn. I'm not the player who would constantly gank or hurt someone who just wants to finish the job, but I have killed people who I know well are several levels below me, and I love fighting 1 v x against lower-level players. I believe it's fun for all players. It's enjoyable to have 2 or 3 friends and me trying to eliminate the purple. I enjoy the challenges of getting close to failing or getting or pushed around and saying "Wow that dude is awesome!" as much as I like running towards a group of people down and thinking "Fuck! I've put in a lot of effort to achieve that!"

I don't like it when players camp in lower-level areas for prolonged periods. I'm with you... have a life. That's bullshit and you're lame and not cool. Killing a group of novices once or twice, or in the hot of the moment with an approach that is friendly like "Get injured kids, and one day you'll be able kill them too" is a different thing than "I'm going to ruin this person's day and make them not want to play". While the latter may be more dangerous than the former, it's an result of having full PvP.

It is 10% to add all Lesser Supplements.

The cost of using the supplements IMO isn't worth it. With 5 pieces of gear 10ed and the stones that are 30+ I've had very few failure. I've witnessed 4 failures in one row with 90% chance, but just one failure on one piece. It happened when it went from 10 to 11 at the same time, and going to 10 for me on every piece. saw 2 failures total outside of the bad luck streak.

As for your staff, at 25 I'd buy the bronze coin weapon at euro aion classic buy kinah level 26. It's blue and has an attack speed of.5 and will last until the 30s. It's possible to craft one, but it'll need a lot in terms of money, time, and mats. You can do it.


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