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Path of Exile’s Storage Tags folder allows you to sort storage tags. This can provide better options for organizing hidden tabs to save space and make navigating between tabs easier. Any hidden label can be placed in the hidden label folder. To create a new hidden label folder, navigate to the label you want to put in the folder and click the folder icon. This will automatically place the tab in the new folder and let you name the folder. If you need to Buy POE Currency, please visit POECurrency.

The Storage Tag Affinity system allows you to specify a storage tag to store the selected special material type. Affinity can be set for any hidden tab. Private labels can only set related item types to similarity, for example, you can’t send maps to the "currency" label. You can set affinity for the following item types: Currency, Divination Card, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Withering, and Deterioration. Although the affinity can be set on any hidden tab type, only items with designated spaces in the above dedicated tab can be used with the affinity system.

To set up an association, right-click on the label you like, as if you want to rename it, and select the item you want to send to that label. After setting the similarity, an icon will appear on the "Hide" tab to indicate that it is a similarity tab so that you can easily find it again in the future. You can set the affinity on the dedicated tab.

You can only set one similarity type to one tab at a time, but you can set multiple similarities on one tab. For example, you can only have one tab with the similarity of Currency set, but you can have one tab with both Map and POE Currency set. If you choose to add an existing similarity to another tab, it will automatically be removed from the first tab. We are still determining the exact details here and will share them once we get more information.


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