The tabbed banks were the very first thing that I saw

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Scaperune is the Runescape's reverse. Scaperune is only accessible by random events. There are only two random events that will take you there, and one of RuneScape Gold them is only available when fishing. The randoms are Prison Pete, the Party Room or Evil Bob's Island. In those places there are things that are bizarre and messed up. Prison Pete is the exact opposite of Party Pete, where you can catch fish that is cooked in the party room.

Here's some interesting information. Using cooked food from the Evil Bob's island's cooking pans (is in ScapeRune) can result in the message "You require uncooking levels (cooking required for cooking food), to uncook it." I would like to challenge anyone who can be bothered to carry around 28 shrimp cooked every time, and when they do eventually get this random cooking message, to cook every single one of them, and then receive 2 cooking! It is amazing to think that you could not cook something, and end up with a rare "very raw" product.

A few nights ago, I hung out with one of my friends whom I used to regularly play RS with when we were kids While cleaning his PC out we came across an old collection of PKing screenshots, levels, etc, so we thought of renewing our memberships to play around.

The tabbed banks were the very first thing that I saw. I had six million dollars of stuff in cash. However, it wasn't as large as what I was when I was at my peak of staking back then. The new PVP games were interesting for me. While I do like some of the concepts however, I don't like some. In the end, I prefer the old wilderness but I'm not averse to the new PVP.

I spent a while playing in the pvp realms, dying three times, and gaining two kills. But, I'm not playing in 2 years. After I became agitated over my death and deciding to go to the barrows. I looked up the prices, but I don't believe they've decreased much. In my opinion, a lot more items have seen a change in value, which means I was in the same position of Buy Old School RuneScape Gold making great profit in the present as I did a years ago.


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