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Bhutan and Nepal are two countries,  The people are kind and honest,  Snow peaks are all over the plateau,  Strong religious atmosphere....  Two places that must be visited once in a lifetime!

Bhutan and Nepal are two countries,  The people are kind and honest,  Snow peaks are all over the plateau,  Strong religious atmosphere....  Two places that must be visited once in a lifetime!

Nepal  From the roof of the world at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters in the north of Nepal, to the valley and plains of the Tara River in the south, which is 70 meters above sea level, Nepal has created a diverse climate and natural beauty. Here, it is called the kingdom of the gods. Walking through the temples where Hinduism and Buddhism are fused, people smile and say Namaste to you every day. Three steps in a small temple, five steps in a large temple, the strong religious color makes people awe.

The most beautiful ancient apple city in the world, Patan, the "City of Art" on the Patan Gu Peninsula, is also the cradle of Newari style and craftsmanship, as well as an important town of Buddhism and art in the Kathmandu Valley.

Strolling through the streets of Badging is full of ancient atmosphere and artistic atmosphere. There are various buildings in different periods: old palaces, Hindu temples, pagodas, stone pavilions, Chinese tables, statues, etc., which are densely populated in downtowns and streets. , Known as "living ruins" and "open-air museum".


Kathmandu durbar square, one of Nepal’s world cultural heritage, the largest half-circular pagoda with a covered bowl in Asia and the world

Pokhara, nestled under the annual snow-covered Annapurna Peak and Fishtail Peak, is next to the charming Fewa Lake. The lush vegetation and the magnificent snow-capped mountains are in sharp contrast

Afterward, take a flight to overlook the beauty of Mount Everest and arrive at another happy Buddhist country-Bhutan


A country of hermits hidden deep at the foot of the Himalayas, it is hailed by the world as "the farthest from the world and the closest to heaven".

Best time of year to visit Bhutan

Bhutan has mild weather and is suitable to travel all year round. From March to May and from September to November, the weather is good and visibility is high, making it the best season for hiking and trekking. From June to August, it's the rainy season, but you can appreciate the grandeur of blooming flowers and lush vegetation on the mountain. From December to February, it's the coldest period of the year but it's mainly sunny, and you can clearly see the magnificent mountain scenery. In general, the best time to travel to Bhutan depends on the climate, your interest, as well as the destinations or festivals that you want to visit.

The blue sky is deep, the clouds are rolling in the clouds, the solemn Zongbao overlooks the valley, and the legends of gods and demons are echoed in the valley. The believers in the forest push the lonely sutra pipes. Everything returns to the beginning. This is the kingdom of Buddha!


The Thimphu Giant Buddha, this more than 50-meter-high seated statue of Sakyamuni stands on the top of a mountain south of Thimphu. You can not only watch the huge Buddha statue up close, but also overlook the fascinating scenery of Thimphu Valley.

Tiger Cave Temple is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Bhutan and is known as one of the top ten super temples in the world. It sits on a 3,000-foot cliff in the Paro Valley.

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