I get your point viewpoint. It was a bit strange

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You've mentioned that you're at level 34, which I believe places you in a position that you're not a hardcore player (or perhaps you don't have enough time to invest is my point) neither are you a casual. I'd also put aion classic kinah myself in this category. While I'm not an avid player, I've only subscribed to the game and play a lot each day. The reason I'm so frustrated is the fact that I'm aware of players who kill me. I'm able to outlevel them or outgrow them (if they're purple, more so) and they drive by and then kill me. Some even camp out in areas for a long time until they are killed down. The content for the endgame is not finished. Dredgion isn't released yet. They are driven by the need to earn lots of money and put in for long hours. I'm talking as an experienced player who likes to play pvp as well, not as a new player.

I get your point viewpoint. It was a bit strange to find myself up against the purple hues of my 30s just 2 weeks away from the release of the game. It's time to go out, play in the dirt my friend and take a break in the sun. Don't try to alter the lives of people around you in game.

But, at the same at the same time, I don't want it to change. This is the kind of environment that brought me to love Aion so much, and it's the reason I returned.

A perfect example is GW2. I like GW2 gameplay regardless of what other people think. However, after a couple of days realizing that my progress doesn't matter because everything is scaled , and difficulty never gets harder or less difficult, the players are all the same as I am and it's not doing it for me. I'm forced to quit.

For me, it is satisfying to stretch the things you've worked so hard to achieve. I'm not a person who is constantly ganking or cause grief to someone who is trying to get shit done however, I've killed players I know damn well who are a few levels lower than me. I'm also fond of combating 1 vs. X against low-level players. It's both fun and enjoyable, IMO. I like the challenges of me and two or 3 of my buddies trying to get rid of a purple and being close to or succeeding, or even just getting fucking with a stomp and saying "Wow that dude's a badass" as much as I love running up and wiping a whole group and thinking "Fuck that's me, I've been working hard to accomplish this".

I don't like it when players remain in lower-level zones for prolonged periods. Yes, get a life. This is just plain stupid and or not cool. Killing a group of novices once or twice, or in the instant of excitement in an approach that is friendly like "Get badly injured kids, some day you'll have the ability to do that shit too" is completely different from euro aion classic buy kinah "I'm going to make this person's day miserable and cause them to refuse to play". The second is bullshit, but it's the unfortunate consequence of being able to have the former. I'll stick with full-on PvP any time.


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