I'm thinking that the levelling we'll focus on this

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I believe that the levelling, let's focus on this aspect it's slow, I don't deny that maybe it's just designed this way. I don't love the consistency of it. It isn't so smooth as it should be for a Hunter class that WOW TBC Gold has a high DPS. I am lacking mana, gold, and damage. Due to my tiny mana reserve, I am unable to kill every mob. Once I have killed a mob I have to stop the killing to replenish my health and mana. There are only a handful of viable techniques that can allow me to survive and deal the damage. This will probably get better in the future however, I'm beginning to be skeptical about my ability to remain with Wow for a long time.

I'm thinking that the levelling we'll focus on this particular aspect it's slow, but I'm not going to deny that it's designed this way and I don't love the consistency of it. I'm playing as the Hunter and it seems that levels aren't as effective as it could be for a class with an awesome DPS in the future. I am lacking mana, gold, damage. Because of my low mana pool, I'm unable to take down every mob. Once I have defeated a mob, I must stop to restore my health and mana. There are a limited number of useful abilities that let me endure and take on damage. This is likely to improve over time however I'm beginning to doubt my abilities to stick to Wow long enough.

Oh I did not realize that you're only 22. If you know where to look, the problem of not being able to find enough quests shouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure if I should recommend the addon Questie since I don't believe it's the most effective method to play the game for the first time... My advice is, try to immerse yourself in the quests and do it slowly (read them , etc. If you're not feeling like doing that, then you can download Questie. It will give you a wide range of the quests that are available. However, you may require an online guide to help locate the correct level zones.

It's just what it is. There is a limit to pulling only one or two mobs at a time depending on the class you're playing. If you aren't careful it could be fatal. Classic is a game where you cannot just stomp on regular mobs of your level, unless your highest level character can channel resources to an alt.

Questie is available to download. It is possible to download an addon manager (highly recommend WowUp) which will automatically install addons into the correct folder and inform you when they need updates.

Questie will show you where the appropriate level-appropriate quests for your particular faction are across the globe. The app also shows the location of the minimap, map and quest objectives. For a smoother progression through the game it is essential to explore different countries or areas which aren't readily apparent. I can guarantee you that cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold there are quests that are appropriate for your level of play in the game, however, you may not know about them they are. Questie can be a huge help in that.


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