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Single-Axis Servo Motor Traverse Robot

$3100 (USD)

Yuning Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China· In stock· New

Single Axis Robot Supplier Provides Single-Axis Servo Motor Traverse Robot, Travel 700-1100mm, Injection Molding Machine Range: 80-550 Ton, Take-out Time 1.5-2.2s.
Single stage or telescopic type vertical arm, with product arm and runner arm, for two plate or three plate mold products take out. Traverse stroke driven by AC servo motor, vertical and crosswise strokes are pneumatic.

- A 10-30% increase in productivity
- Reduce the defective rate.
- Ensure the safety of operators.
- Reduce manpower.
- Accurately control the output to reduce waste.

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