EA hoping to get people to forget they recently renewed basically
EA hoping to get people to forget they recently renewed basically Nov 24

EA hoping to get people to forget they recently renewed basically

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It is advertising. Anything posted on a brand's social media is advertising. They also aren't"not holding their event"; they're delaying it, and drawing attention to it with this tweet. To be fair, this is actually the first I have heard about the reveal. It is currently on my radar because of this tweet, therefore it is still advertising. This isn't doing something though and quite frankly some of us have experienced our intelligence insulted way too much with all the ton of idiotic fucking"we stand together with you through covid" ads by firms lately. These same companies that are actively fucking over their workers during this outbreak. Like badly, Amazon of all fucking firms has a God damn covid advertisement with some asshole preaching about how much the business is doing to safeguard it's workers which those who have followed recent events will know is complete fucking bullshit. It's a damn joke honestly.

EA is the huge corp from the gaming world. They do and say whatever will bring them greatest profit. Kaepernick refused to stand up throughout the national anthem which generated a chain reaction in the league. All these were acts of protest against racial discrimination and the authorities throughout the Donald Trump presidency. All these were actions of protest against racial discrimination and the government during the Donald Trump presidency. Much like anybody's losing sleep within a (likely ) cinematic trailer promoting a game that'll just be exactly the same as last season's. Comes off since EA hoping to get people to forget that they recently renewed basically an entire monopoly on NFL games which majorly pissed off sports sport fans.

EA hoping to get people to forget they recently renewed basically a complete monopoly on NFL games that majorly pissed off sports sport lovers. EA and NFL did not induce eachother into a determination. I'm sure they're equally pleased to make bucketloads of money. People just need to blame the party they hate the most. The NFL honestly doesnt care in any way, they only care about their image and profits, they know the picture that the nfl's had under EA and are content with this continuing without taking"danger" in seeing other publishers could introduce their brand. Most people outside echochambers similar to this one do not care.

Yeah we keep saying that. Majority of Reddit will not purchase it. Why the fuck would EA care if they make absolute bank on the game. I am wondering exactly what next-gen will bring to the table. EA does something many people would regard as great and people find ways to make it poor. Because a fair amount of cynicism towards corporate gestures of"solidarity" is healthful. It's not entirely indifferent, but for example, we have seen that with pride month. Most companies only started doing it when they knew it was fiscally safe to come out in service. It is almost certainly a calculated business move. Doesn't make it a bad thing. Look at Netflix authors. A lot of them have publicly said that they've desired x race or x sexuality character in shows they have wanted to make, only for different studios to tell them to tone it down or eliminate it completely. Netflix doesn't tell these folks to write stories like this, they've just given them the freedom to. Much like HBO.

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