Slimming down every tree along with randomly digging
Slimming down every tree along with randomly digging Nov 11

Slimming down every tree along with randomly digging

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Slimming down every tree along with randomly digging out flowers throughout the island is a massive change and she should have asked.If she apologizes you might give back the switch; or, you can concentrate on doing activities away from the screen.Second this. Maybe instead of taking away the change you may watch her mend the island , which is a win-win-win. The child gets to play, she learns her lesson to not destroy things (its rather monotonous planting trees throughout the island), and her get to bond.

Regrettably trees take forever to rise in Animal Crossing, and if they didn't have fruits in storage or at a friend's island then they are gone forever.You can pick up fruit through puzzle islands you can go to but still sucks especially if you had fruit since not all is available without seeing friends

Right, but they have a very low chance of spawning a fruit island. You can receive all the fruits on your own, but good luck, you'll be spending thousands of nook miles.Wait, seriously?? I've wasted Thus many NMTs seeking to get more fruit. I feel foolish now.I started with Peaches. However, I obtained cherries and oranges out of mystery islands. I think the chance is just incredibly rare.You can only get one distinct fruit in the native fruit, you have to get all the rest from friends

Oh wow I believed mom sent the mystery island fruit. That's what I got so that I assumed that is just the way it was.

Trees in ACNH take maybe 3 times to reach full growth IIRC. It's not that long of a wait. Agree with your point about keeping fruit in storage though - if they don't have spares it'll be a hassle to get all the varieties back again

It's not different. So difficult to get all the fruits if you don't have friends with different native fruit within their island. The notion of all of the trees gone really hurt me.They just consider, what, four days to grow? Nonetheless, it's still a pain in the buttocks to replant a whole island's worth of trees. I decided to finally organize my flowers in a consistent manner and it took over a day!It takes 3 irl days, and you can always time travel, it is not like it is illegal or cheating.

That is really a solid idea- trees do take awhile to develop, but you can plant them all at one time. It's rather tedious to do this... but perhaps that'll be a fantastic thing for the kid to see.

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