I don't possess a godsword or abyssal whip
I don't possess a godsword or abyssal whip Dec 05

I don't possess a godsword or abyssal whip

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Fishing. 60-80: At your level, lobsters are quickly. And lobsters into 99 (I understand you're not likely to 99, don't bug me) will bring you more money than monks to 99, last I checked, in market price. Hunter 65-80: I would say one month, maybe 1.5. Depends upon how long you play, can be around 3. Crafting 47-60: I'd say Coifs into 50, or later, then Bullseye lantern lenses till 60. I did coifs for a short time period, just made about 1700. They absolutely don't sell. I've had exactly the same coifs up for nearly a year.

I'm smithing in Neitz, cballs won't loose me energy so that is alright. Might do mining+smithing. Was doing lobsters atm, I'll stick to this. ONE MONTH FOR HUNTER? zomg. I heard it is like 3 months to 99, it can not be. I really don't have 1m to invest on crafting coifs. Pretty dropped in Crafting. Thank you Mr G and observe aswell. These targets may take a little while.

Hi! I'm Serendipity, a few of you might know me. And I've made up my mind to go for a 99 cape. (118 cb and no cape) I want to do something different, something special for my initial 99. A friend came up to me once and said that you know, because I spent the summer moneymaking (55-197M) I should have the funds to pursue some goal that I want. I have narrowed down my choice to two of these and want you guys to help me select.

The options: 99 Prayer - Awesome cape! Really entertaining emote and it is a very fast cape to get. Upwards of all 750k exp/hour... Will use running to and from yanille lender to my buddy's home for gilded altar, he'll be light (he is alching to get 50M magic exp) 99 Magic and Summoning - Two capes for cheaper than the 1 cape. Additionally a fun cape, really functional... Slower exp than prayer (including bursting time for charms). Will be bursting rock lobsters for charms. Anyways, pick and choose.

Prayer would probably be quicker and funner (since it does not take so long, which means that you won't get bored.) . But Summoning/Magic has a more use's like dragon pets, vengeance, and all that good stuff. However, on the other hand prayer is handy in pvp you don't need to carry very many prayer potions (maybe just 1 dose) plus you could probably do much more prayers. However, with Summoning/Magic you can summon Titan's and utilize Ancient Magics and people will not mess with you as often. But if it was me I'd personally go together with prayer.To start with, the quest guide might need to be updated for"The Great Brain Robbery", because there's absolutely no safe place anymore. And that leads me to my question... I fought Barrelchest earlier when I had read here that there was a safespot, so I maged himand discovered the hard way that the safespot was no more there. My query is, what's the simplest way to beat the mad level 170 Barrelchest? And do I need to increase a number of my stats first? . Would this setup work against Barrelchest? I'm not very rich, and that I don't possess a godsword or abyssal whip. Currently I just have 1.5 mil.

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